How is my personal information secured ?

How is my personal information secured ?

The solution ensures that nobody, not even, can access your data without your explicit consent.

Providing a certificate attesting to your identity or to your compliance with stringent Know Your Client (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) rules and regulations can only be initiated by you.

When providing a certificate to a merchant, you are required to sign into a merchant service and physically authorize the transfer, through your wallet, of an encrypted identity certification token. The certification token you transfer is derived from your identity token and specific to the merchant. In may instances, the certification token will not even disclose your name or any other identity details to the merchant as he will solely rely on the certificate confirming your compliance to identity, KYC & AML regulations.

The sensitive data used to verify your identity is stored in the metadata of your token and encrypted. Your token can only be decrypted by you, the token owner, and only through the wallet that contains your identity token and which you used to create the identity token. 

The key you provide to the merchant provides the merchant the capacity to confirm your certificate and access to the information you have authorized him to view, but never to the documents on which your identity validation and your compliance to KYC & AML rules and regulations are based.

We use the term merchant broadly. In these pages, the term merchant includes any service-providers and third-parties to which you would agree to provide proof of your identity or a KYC/AML compliance certificate.

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