Who is the Initiativ for ?

Who is the Initiativ for ?

Yes, if you are unbanked living in a developed country, or an emerging market country and have internet access, we are busy at making sure you get the means to integrate into the financial system and gain access to new opportunities.

But that's just a small part of what we are set on accomplishing.

The Initiativ is about providing FutureFi tools to the ill-served and ill-represented segment of the world population. The unbanked may represent 20% of the world population but the ill-served and ill-represented most likely represent a good 95% of the world population.

If you are a student with a bright idea, we want to provide you with the tools and assistance so that you can turn that bright idea into a flourishing venture, and potentially through those ventures eventually even solve some of the most pressing problems that humanity is facing.

If you are a researcher who believes to have found a better more efficient sustainable way of producing something, generating energy, recycling waste, preserving nature, etc, we want you to provide you the tools and the means to see it through and give you a chance to contribute to the technological advancements that represent the only way forward.

If you are adept of cryptocurrencies but are looking at ways to integrate your crypto activities with your regular banking activities, and wish to expand your use of cryptocurrencies, then the services we are developing will help you achieve those goals. And if you have bright ideas on how to further that goal, we will listen to you and integrate you into the effort.

If you are a foreign worker who is sending back part of his salary to his family at home, we are building a service to help you and your family save money and make those transfers easier and faster and allow for even smaller amounts.

If you wish to create a decentralized autonomous framework (Daf) entity with your participation we intend to provide you with the best payroll, suppliers payments, cards for your team solutions.

If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, the Initiativ is there to assist by providing you with FutureFi tools allowing efficient management of your assets, finding new financial opportunities to grow your assets, and providing you with the means to structure yourself and your team in a way you can get funded without leaving all the benefits and control to those who already have lots of money and control.

The Initiativ is meant for everyone from all walks of life who believe, like us, in a FutureFi vision of the world and a more collaborative approach where there cannot always be a single dominant winning party and the gains like the new technology on which our vision relies need to be decentralized if humanity is to attain a sustainable future.

It may appear we are all over the place trying to cover a very wide range of services. We are but we know of to achieve it.

Take a deeper look and you will realize that all the services and companies have a commonality and complement each others. Blockchain being a recent development, many of the services we need, although we would much prefer to simply contract them, don't exist, or don't meet what is required for our vision to be achievable. So we have taken the approach of building specialized entities and brands through partnerships to create those missing services our vision requires. To ensure we succeed in each of those required elements we need to build, we are partnering with proven services providers with years of experience in their respective fields.

For the blockchain approach and decentralization to succeed, it will take many ambitious participants. Good news is that blockchain technology has already started producing results and its benefits are increasingly recognized. So the hill to very wide adoption might be much less steep than might appear at first look and might actually be right around the corner. A corner we intend to participate in helping the blockchain industry turn.

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