Sale of 2,000 RDDAF1 Tokens through Private Placement - August 2022

Sale of 2,000 RDDAF1 Tokens through Private Placement - August 2022

As part of our pre-sale of RDDAF1 Tokens, in accordance with the RDDAF1 Whitepaper, we placed 2,000 RDDAF1 Tokens through a Private Placement sale at the 50% discount stipulated in the Whitepaper for the pre-sale.

As part of the agreement, the buyer has undertaken to purchase 100,000 RDINIs from the Algodex pool at the listed price of 0.025 Algo per RDINI. No escrow undertakings apply to the RDINIs purchase.

If you wish to participate in the pre-sale Private Placement of RDDAF1 Tokens, please contact us at Please be aware that only 1,500 RDDAF1 tokens are available at this time and that we are only considering applications for large blocks and from proposed participants who wish to be directly involved in preparing for the next phase.


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