When is Daffi expected to be fully operational ?

When is Daffi expected to be fully operational ?

DaffiWallet, one of the key components of the Daffi platform is expected to complete its Beta testing phase by end of Q4-2022 in its 3 versions: Android, iOS, and Web.

The DaffiPay merchants purchase settlement services will be operational by end of Q4-2022 with a general public roll-out by specific geographical areas starting in Q1-2023.

The DaffiBuy currency-to-crypto and crypto-to-currency services will be available to the general public in Q1-2023.

The DaffiEmoney currency accounts, apps, and browsers already exist and are fully tested as the team behind DaffiEmoney already operates FinTech services that includes e-money currency accounts, cards, foreign exchange, etc. Some of those existing services have been in operation for over 10 years. Service will be made available to the general public in Q2-2023.

The DaffiTransfer cross-borders transfers to counter services will be available to the general public in Q3-2023.

The services offered by the Daffi group of companies are all operated by duly licensed entities operating in countries allowing those services to be provided. All Daffi group companies are registered and regulated by recognized governmental agencies. 

The technical aspects of the Daffi services and their operations are simple but the regulatory environment is challenging as the regulations keep on evolving, are far from clear, and in certain jurisdictions are yet to be adopted or implemented.

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